User Research rebooted: four weeks update


A month ago it was decided to reboot the User Research.

A new question was forumulated. Finding interviewees was anticipated to be non trivial and another approach was taken. It consisted of launching the Hostea Clinic, announce it to the Gitea community, look for Gitea sysadmins facing upgrade problems and help them out.

The interactions with these users is the expected outcome and substitute to the interviews, as documented in the Hostea blog.

A month in the main takeaways are:

As anticipated this is not going fast but it goes in the right direction and assumptions have been confirmed:

  • Gitea Sysadmins are frequently facing upgrade problems
  • Solving upgrade problems requires a level of expertise that Gitea Sysadmins don’t usually have

The time allocated to User Research in the context of the July MVP is already exhausted and the interview part will only be completed after the deadline. The report and analysis will have to be postponed until after the MVP.


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